Educational Guidelines

Refleksivni dnevnik je alat za rodno osjetljivi rad s djecom namijenjen odgajateljima_cama, učiteljima_cama, stručnim suradnicima_cama i drugim pedagoškim radnicima_cama. Refleksivni dnevnik koristi introspektivna i refleksivna pitanja kako bi potaknuo razmišljanje i razgovor o rodnim pitanjima.

Educational Guidelines

This book brings together some of the KINDER project’s key contributions to the construction of a transformative and gender-sensitive education. It offers a set of common learning experiences developed by the KINDER international partners, which must be shared as a starting point for policies and programmes aiming at integrating gender issues at an early age at national and European level.


In collaboration between the KINDER team and 3D artists, this educational resource may be used to promote critical thinking, positive role-playing and encourage children, and their educators and families, to question stereotypes.