Program K piloting finished in Croatia

With the end of 2022 Status M finished piloting of the Program K in Croatia. Piloting took place in Zagreb and Tuhelj, and it lasted from April till November of 2022. During this period, Status M organized 8 piloting sessions that were attended by a total of 181 participants. Participants of these piloting sessions were (future) kindergarten and elementary school teachers and other school professionals. 

Pilot sessions on gender transformative approaches in early and primary education were held by Status M facilitators Elizabeta Matković and Tamara Tokić in collaboration with external expert Monika Pažur. The participants expressed their satisfaction with the educational sessions and emphasized the importance of starting conversation on topics that are considered taboo and how valuable it is for them to hear other people’s opinions, as well as their experiences of dealing with challenges in raising children, especially regarding gender issues. 


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KINDER Final Conference

The Final Conference of the KINDER project which will be broadcasted online on Youtube on 28 June between 9:00 and 11:15 (GTM+1).