Kinder Training Course promotes good practices exchange among educational professionals in Portugal

The final session of the Kinder Training Course “Gender, Equality And Citizenship: A Focus On Early Childhood Education” took place in Coimbra, Portugal, on the 26th November. The KINDER training workshop was accredited by the Scientific and Pedagogical Council for Continuous Training and organised by the Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra, Minerva – training centre of the association of schools and the Coimbra Education School.

For over one month, the KINDER training team actively engaged with the 16 participants — education professionals ( teachers, educators and other staff) working with children between the ages of 3 to 12 years old, and also masters students from the Coimbra Education School —aiming to provide them with the knowledge and transformative tools for a Gender-Responsive Pedagogy in Children Education.

Along the process of enrolment in the KINDER training course, the participants shared their expectations concerning the positive impact on their educational practices with the KINDER training team. Throughout the workshop sessions and in their autonomous work, the engagement, commitment and participation in the various activities and dynamics developed was outstanding! 

The participants developed activities and projects in educational contexts involving other education professionals and families, and developed attitudes and behaviours that they believe will contribute to also promote attitude changes regarding gender stereotypes and sexism from an early age in and outside schools. Building on the assumption that learning processes play a determinant role in the socialization of boys and girls and has a major impact on children’s future life options, the final projects also highlighted the importance of dialogue and respect for others, and values associated with human rights, diversity, equality, democracy and social justice. 

With a strong attention to inclusive and participatory methodologies in the course design, the KINDER training workshop also provided an in-depth exercise to foreseen other themes to be developed in the future concerning the “Citizenship and Development” school subject in Portugal, such as: Gender; Non-Violent Education; Anti-Racist Education; Identities and Sexuality; Emotions and Consent, Communication and Violence Prevention and Families. 


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