KINDER pilot training course at the University of Valencia

The pilot training course “Tools for thinking about educational intervention from a co-educational, intersectional and inclusive perspective” was held between 3 and 22 November at the University of Valencia.

This 6-hour training course was aimed at students of Social Education at the University of Valencia.  The first intervention of the Kinder project in Valencia was attended by three groups of students, more than 100 people in a total of 18 hours of joint work.

The content of the training action focused on theoretical content about gender equality and masculinities, intersectionality and privilege in groups, ethnic and racial diversity, representation and inclusion in educational contexts. In all sessions practical and participatory dynamics were proposed in order to facilitate the learning process through the use of the body, movement and group work.

The trainers were Ana Cameros Zabala, from the L’Argila project, and Deborah Modu Hernandis, from Hibiscus, Association of Afrospaniards and Afro-descendants , and Maddalena Bianchini, from Fundación Cepaim.

The experience was positive and challenging for participants and trainers, and will be continued in future collaborations with the University as well as with other educational institutions.


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