KINDER final event in Croatia presents resources for teachers and calls for more commitment towards gender equality

The KINDER project’s journey in Croatia came to a conclusion with the final national conference on 27 June 2023. The conference, attended by educators, teachers, and representatives of civil society organizations committed to gender equality, proved to be an important space of exchange and support for the stakeholders in gender-transformative early education.

The conference commenced with an opening and introductory address, setting the stage for a programme filled with insightful presentations and discussions. Dr. Monika Pažur’s presentation on the state of education for gender equality in early and preschool education, as well as in primary schools in Croatia, shed light on crucial areas that require attention and improvement.

Following this, Ms Elizabeta Matković took the stage to discuss the implementation of training programs aimed at equipping educational practitioners with knowledge and skills in fostering gender equality. This essential training serves as a cornerstone for driving meaningful change in the education sector.

The conference further delved into strategies to overcome resistance to gender equality initiatives, with Ms Maja Gergorić sharing valuable insights on tackling backlash for teachers, educators, and policymakers.

Ms Anamarija Sočo then presented the comprehensive “Program K” toolbox. This unveiling showcased a KINDER manual and a score of supplementary materials, as well an animated film designed to promote gender equality among children.

The event concluded with an engaging discussion where participants actively exchanged ideas, opinions, and experiences. The shared enthusiasm reflected the collective commitment to advancing gender equality in early education.

The KINDER project, funded by the European Union, has played an important role in propelling gender equality in Croatia’s educational landscape. Over its duration, the project has successfully conducted training sessions for educators and developed relevant educational resources for teachers and parents.

By focusing on raising awareness of gender equality issues and empowering educators with essential tools and resources, the KINDER project has laid the foundation for more inclusive and equitable learning environments for all students. The impact of this initiative is expected to resonate throughout the education system in the future.

The final national conference marks not only the conclusion of the KINDER project but also the beginning of renewed efforts and dedication of Status M and its partners to disseminate the results of the project and reach as many students, teachers, and parents as possible.


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