Kindergarten and Elementary School Staff in Croatia Trains in KINDER Methodology

The KINDER project continues to organize training events for teachers in kindergartens and elementary schools in Croatia. In collaboration with Status M educators, the project team implemented two transformative training sessions for kindergarten and elementary school staff. These sessions, held in March and May, proved valuable in equipping school administrators, psychologists, pedagogists, and teachers with the knowledge and skills necessary to promote gender equality and inclusivity within the educational sphere.

The first training, an intensive 2-hour online session, saw the active participation of 37 enthusiastic kindergarten and elementary school staff members. The second training, conducted over two full days in person, was attended by a focused group of 15 dedicated participants.

Rooted in the “Program K,” these training courses encompassed a diverse range of topics related to gender. Facilitators skillfully navigated discussions on gender vs sex, gender equality, gender socialization, and inclusion, enabling participants to gain profound insights and challenge their own stereotypes and biases. By fostering an environment of open dialogue and shared learning, the training encouraged elementary school staff to critically examine their own practices and beliefs, paving the way for personal growth and professional development.

The significance of involving parents in the gender-sensitive educational process was also a prominent focus during the training. Educators were given valuable guidance on how to collaborate effectively with parents to ensure a holistic approach to promoting gender equality and inclusivity both in and out of the classroom.

The success of these transformative training courses serves as a testament to the effectiveness of the KINDER innovative methodology. We expect that the project’s impact will resonate in the lives of students, fostering a generation that embraces gender justice and diversity.


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