Fundación Cepaim promotes an awareness activity on co-responsible fatherhood in Valencia

On the 21st of November, the CEPAIM team promoted a KINDER awareness activity dedicated to parents interested in approaching the issue of co-responsible fatherhood. This activity was organized with the collaboration of the Federation on Fathers and Mothers’ Associations of the Valencian Community (FAMPA) as part of their annual organizational agenda, and contributed to spread the information to their associates.

The trainer Ritxar Bacete, CEO of Equimundo Spain, proposed an interesting approach to the subject, including an historical perspective on fatherhood and its meaning and representations, as well as the social and personal costs of reproducing sexist and traditional positions concerning fatherhood and couples relationship, and the benefits of supporting more egalitarian practices in children and partner care as men in a patriarchal society.

This was the team first activity on this theme, and the feedback form participants was positive, even if engaging men and fathers in this kind of initiative is still challenging. KINDER team from CEPAIM looks forward to promote others initiatives centred in this topic, as we know that it is a relevant matter for men, women and children. 


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