KINDER aims to tackle the urgency of developing an effective and innovative program and training curricula for professionals working with children at preschool (aged 3-6) and from the first cycles of basic compulsory education (7-12 years old).

KINDER will provide teachers, educators and other staff with gender-responsive and transformative tools, allowing them to respond to the specific needs of girls and boys in the teaching and learning processes from a gender equality perspective.


  1. Raise awareness on the need for an EU approach to tackling the persistence of gender stereotypes from early ages in the education systems;
  2. Target professional’s potential reproduction and transmission of gender stereotypes in kindergarten and basic schools at national levels;
  3. Promote attitude changes regarding gender stereotypes and sexism from an early age in and outside schools;
  4. Develop Educational Material for teachers and school staff on gender-responsive pedagogy to promote gender equality and combat gender stereotypes;
  5. Foster public authorities in mainstreaming gender-neutral and inclusive education at national and EU levels.



The Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra is a scientific institution focused on research and advanced training within the Social Sciences and the Humanities, through an inter and transdisciplinary approach. Since its foundation, in 1978, CES has been conducting research with and for an inclusive, innovative and reflexive society by promoting creative critical approaches in the face of some of the most urging challenges of contemporary societies. Its goal is to continue engaging generations of exceptionally talented researchers and students in the field of Social Sciences. CES scientific strategy aims to democratize knowledge, revitalize human rights and to contribute to the establishment of science as a public commodity. We pursue this mission by continuously reshaping our research fields in a response to the needs of the society. Our work covers a wide range of scientific activities and scope, at the national and international level, with particular focus on the North-South and South-North dialogues, contributing to the development, dissemination and application of cutting-edge science and to an advanced research and training of excellence


Solidarity, respect for human rights, non-violence, tolerance, gender equality, education, empowerment, healthy lifestyles, responsibility, activism are the values on which the activities of the Status M. Organization are based. By working in the community, primarily with men, we empower young men, fathers, future fathers and members of marginalized groups to achieve social change in the community. We inform the public, empower experts and advocate for the improvement of public policies and practices.


Mission: To promote a model of an inclusive and intercultural society that facilitates full access to citizenship rights for the most vulnerable people in our society and, in particular, for migrants, developing policies to combat any form of social exclusion and collaborating in the development of local territories and migrants' countries of origin.
Vision: Cepaim is an independent, cohesive and sustainable organisation that responds to social dynamics related to migration and social exclusion processes. It is a practical and theoretical reference in the coherent application of transversal policies of interculturality, diversity management, gender equality, social cohesion, local development and co-development, taking the territory as a basis for action.
Values: These are the deepest convictions that guide the organisation's actions. They watch over the correctness of the Vision and support and give substance to the Mission. They create identity and cultural brand.

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